Saturday October 8th, 2022 ~ Camp Timber Trails, Tolland, MA

We are so excited to invite you to our 2nd Camp Timber Trails Thank You Bonfire. A Day of Leaf Peeping, Drumming, Dancing, & Community Building, with Hot Chocolate, Hot Mulled Cider and a Great Fire.

  • This is a one day event, surrounded by a Work Weekend (hosted by the HBC).
  • It is a carry in carry out event.
  • There will be no food service.
  • Please bring your own snacks/dinner. There will be a cooking fire available.
  • Tenting is welcome and our rustic non-heated cabins are available and may be assigned by community organization. Sign up when you register.
  • The gates will be open at 2pm for leaf peeping and for walking the land.
  • Please follow the signs for parking and head to registration
  • We are capping the event at 500 people.
  • We will gather on the play field at 6pm to welcome and thank our communities, and to light the fire.
  • The average night time temperature in Tolland at this time is just below freezing. So dress appropriately. If you are planning on tenting or staying in a cabin, you must have your own serious sleeping bags and bedding.
  • Please bring your drums, your rattles, your dancing boots, and your favorite mug to fill with hot cider or hot chocolate that we will be providing.
  • More details to come!

Thank You!

We had a fabulous 2022 Summer season!

Many thanks to all who hosted, attended and shared the magic of Camp Timber Trails.

DNE’s Dance Camp ’22- Aug. 3rd-14th


Unifier Festival Returns- Aug. 18th-21st

Unifier Retruns poster

The HeARTbeat Collective’s premiere annual offering.


Dance Beyond Campout

CTT Thank You Bonfire-Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021

Camp Timber Trails

We are so excited to invite you to our first Camp Timber Trails Thank You Bonfire. A Day of Leaf Peeping, Drumming, Dancing, & Community Building, with Hot Chocolate, Hot Mulled Cider and a Great Fire.

Forestdance (Aug-Sept, 2017,2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022)

Come join The HeARTbeat Collective as we share in deep and profound celebration of our lives together on sacred and wild land. We’ll be in ceremony for three full nights, and two half nights, around the fire. Our facilitators and teachers will help guide the circle on a profound journey helping us to access and reclaim our own core, our inspiration, and our connection to nature.

Dance New England Camp (2018, 2019, 2021)

African dance, ballroom, contact improvisation, and salsa classes are just some of the offerings. Dance with snakes, humans, and your glorious self. Dance to live music. Dance all night to excellent DJs. Sweat prayers, breathe transformationally, beat drums, practice yoga, and learn massage from master teachers.
Or find a peaceful spot at the beach from which to contemplate mountains and sunset. Eat, converse, sing, schmooze, swim. Dance Camp is ours to co-create. Join us!

Unifier Festival (June 2015-16, 2018-19)

Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures, unifier festival is a sacred world music festival, a healing and expressive arts festival, and a yoga festival. It is a live art show, a dance party, a place for ceremony, for permaculture, for sculptural works and circus arts. It is a place to care for the land, to eat organic food, to be inspired and to inspire our kids and our elders.

Aniwa Gathering (2019)

Aniwa Gathering of Wisdom Keepers is a non profit event produced by @theboafoundation bringing 40 of the worlds foremost indigenous leaders and elders to share their wisdom and transformational healing. Join us at Camp Timber Trails for a celebration of life, ancient rituals, ceremonies, indigenous wisdom, music, art, healing and community.

Odyssey Teen Camp (2019)

A 501c3 nonprofit overnight camp for teens 12-18 in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Poets, artists, LGBTQ+, theatre kids, gamers, hippies, goths, shy kids, activists, punk rockers, geeks, nerds… can express themselves and embark on their own personal odyssey of self-discovery.