Camp Timber Trails Adopted Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Our Vision Statement

The vision of Camp Timber Trails is to be a place where future generations can thrive, where people are welcomed to be fully alive, where experimentation and creative expression are encouraged and appreciated, where the difficult work of operating beyond inherited systems of violence and oppression is done, and where decisions are made holistically, so we can live in harmony and reverence for nature and one another.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Timber Trails is to serve as a homeplace for communities co-creating collective growth and healing, respect and reciprocity, life-long learning, team-building, creative expression, and cultural and spiritual enrichment in a stewarded forest setting.

Our Values Statements

We value truth, transparency and honor in all we do.

We value transparency and integrity in all financial dealings.

We value treating every person with compassion, dignity, and respect, and honoring differences.

We value being an active and supportive neighbor within the Tolland community.

We value individual and collective creative expression.

We value education as life-long learners.

We value diversity and inclusion of all races, ages, genders, and body types as

welcome and worthy of acceptance and respect.

We value being active stewards of the natural and built environments at CTT and the greater natural environment of the planet.

We value doing the hard work necessary to overcome racism, sexism, gender-and spirituality-based discrimination, abelism, ageism, classism, and all forms of oppression and aggression that manifest within our homeplace land, in CTT activities, and in its organizational structure.

We value self-awareness and personal growth.

We value practicing and preserving open, respectful and effective communication.

Winter and Spring Individual Rentals

Come and stay in a rustic cabin in the woods, or rent the Lodge and enjoy a kitchen and wood stove with your pod (in several bedrooms and one large shared space).  Until large group rentals resume, individuals or small groups can rent directly at CTT.  For more information, please enquire at cabinrentals@camptimbertrails.org .

Our facilities include an amphitheater overlooking the lake (perfect for weddings and performance events). The West Wind dining hall with commercial kitchen can serve over 400; a smaller commercial kitchen serves 40. Our Barefoot Ballroom contains a vast hand-built dance floor. Over 50 cabins (each sleeping 4) are organized into small pods with separate bath-houses. The large outdoor festival stage welcomes performances for hundreds to more than a thousand. There are a wide variety of other administrative and sleeping facilities. Most facilities are rustic more than elegant, but fully functional. The beach hosts a large dock making swimming areas manageable for youth. A boathouse manages kayaks, canoes, paddles and life-preservers.

We welcome individuals and small group rentals such as private retreats, reunions, weddings, and small gatherings beginning in April, and again in September annually. Winter Rentals are also available for smaller groups.

A Word about COVID-19 and safety

We believe that a great many events fit well with our Covid-safe environment, particularly the outdoor spaces and open-air sleeping cabins. Camp Timber Trails does not make COVID-19 safety decisions for our renters. We require renters who host group events to abide by any state or Federal regulations, but not impose additional requirements. Because they are free to set their own vaccination policies, please contact the organizer for the event you wish to attend to learn what the procedures, safety measures and constraints will be.

photo by Chris Dodds

CTT is conveniently located 1 hour west from the Five Colleges area, 2 hours west from Boston, 2 hours and 15 minutes north from New York, 1 hour and 15 minutes south east from Albany, NY and 40 minutes northwest from Bradley International Airport (Hartford, CT)

Our Herstory & History

CTT was founded in 1967 by the Connecticut Valley Girl Scout Council with the mission of developing strong girls to be respectful, resourceful and make the world a better place. Their verdant forests attracted the musicians, environmentalists and healers of HeARTbeat Collective who came and began offering Unifier Festival on site in 2015.  In 2017 their dream came true when they were joined by Dance New England, who, through creative movement and dance also sought to ignite self-expression in a natural setting. In 2019 Indigenous Elders from around the world joined the growing communities coming together as CTT hosted the Aniwa Gathering.  We were also joined by the inspirational Odyssey Teen Camp. Today, we welcome your community to join the Camp Timber Trails family of communities as we foster the founding girls’ vision of  transformation and sustainability through dance, music, arts, healing, communication and the power of human spirit! For more information or to explore rentals, please call CTT at 1.413.888.8338.

Camp Timber Trails is managed by the LLC’s Board of Managers:

Rhonda Harrison (co-president), Jeffrey Mazur (co-president), Michaela Fissel, Paul Freundlich, Dan Getman, Heidi Schauster, Maggie Zellner.

Big appreciation to our former Chair for the last 2 years, Jason Cohen, and our past chairs Lisa Kennedy and Jade Barker.