Camping Cabins

There are thirty-two cabins with 5 or 8 beds each. They are in 6 clusters, grouped as follows:

  • Windy Pines: 2 five-person and 5 eight-person cabins
  • Bending Trees: 5 eight-person cabins
  • Birch Valley: 5 eight-person cabins
  • Rocky Knoll: 5 eight-person cabins
  • Rocky Point: 3 five-person cabins and 1 eight-person cabin
  • Watercrest: 5 eight-person cabins

Most of these cabins are in the form of a cross with arms that are 10-foot by
8-foot with all four arms of equal length. They have room for 5 to 8 beds with a suitcase under each cot.

Some cabins have nearby functioning hot water showers and flush toilets.

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